Minister of Industry and Trade proceeded to set up „TEXTILIMPORT” ,
a state-owned enterprise that would deal with the import of textiles. Minister of Foreign Trade established “CETEBE”, a foreign trade enterprise for textile industry.
1962Foreign Trade Minister outlines a plan for PHZ “CETEBE”.
1963the right to export and import rady made textile goods in ‘CETEBE” is passed on to
a new foreign trade enterprise, “CONFEXIM” , whereas “CETEBE” deals with fabrics
1971“CETEBE” , TEXTILIMPORT” and “CONFEXIM” merge into one foreign trade enterprise named “TEXTILPMEX”, with retrains the same legal status.
1977Branch Unions are given limited opportunities to conduct foreign trade exchange,
in effect clothing and knitwear are eliminated from “TEXTILIMPEX” offer list and are sold by the newly established BZH “TEXTILIMPEX-CONFEXIM” and BHZ “TEXTILIMPORT-TRICOT”.
1982“TEXTILIMPEX” becomes a limited liability company.
1992“TEXTILMPEX” Co. Ltd is further restructured to become a holding structure.
1999"TEXTILMPEX"Co. Ltd is getting around the jubilee of the fifty-years activity.


trying to meet expectations of customers Textilimpex Co. Ltd is expanding his commercial and service activity.

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