Gdynia Cotton Association

Connected with the textile industry since 1935, The Gdynia Cotton Association
is the non-profit, non- commercial international corporation of professional character whose members are almost 100 companies from 11 countries.


 The mission of the Gdynia Cotton Association is to create economically
and structurally strong cotton industry in Poland and on the international arena
by enhancing both the activities of our members and also those
of the institutions, authorities and organizations interested in cotton.
The Association implements its mission by generating and maintaining the forum for the co-operation and consultancy in the scope of themes pertaining to turnover and processing of cotton, laboratory testing and settling of disputes.

Textilimpex is member of Gdynia Cotton Association for over 50 years.



Gdynia Cotton Association
81-369 Gdynia

7, Derdowskiego Str
tel.: +48 58 620 75 98
fax: +48 58 620 75 97




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