Storage services

We offer the following services: 

1. storage services:

a) baling of the following articles by power presses / not rolled/:

  • cotton
  • woollen
  • linen
  • all kinds of blankets
  • bedspreads, Gobelin tapestries.

 b) pre-baling of towels by power presses:  

We can also bale or pre-bale:

  • cardboard as raw recycling material, or of other use
  • paper‘s size of the working table’s surface
  • products of propylene (bags)
  • products of paper  (e.g. big bags, sacks)

 Attention! We cannot press the following articles:

  • soft fabrics like silk, embroidery, etc.
  • metals

c) packing other articles in bales

d) packing articles in customer’s cardboard boxes

e) all kinds of articles repacking

f) reloadings, loadings using available equipment 


In our warehouses we offer articles storage for the specified time. 

Jadwiga Derska
tel./fax: +48 674 27 81
GSM: + 48 691 948 696

2. logistic and shipment:

a) accepting articles from producer’s warehouse, which are not adjusted to transport and preparation 
    of loading space to sending
b) preparation of transport-shipment documents
c) participation in customs transactions of cargo
d) customs articles’ declarations



Jadwiga Derska
tel./fax: +48 42 674 58 60
GSM: +48 510 993 261


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